What Is Spandex

- Mar 26, 2020-

What is spandex

Let's make the most popular explanation first: spandex is also known as "elastic fiber", which itself is an elastic fiber! The main function is to increase the elasticity of fabrics, blended with cotton, no pure spandex fabrics, the proportion of ingredients is less than 5%, increase the elasticity of clothes, wearing is not easy to deform, mostly used for T-shirt, cultural shirt, underwear and other clothing. A kind of

And a professional explanation. But it looks complicated. Spandex fiber is a kind of fiber and also the abbreviation of polyurethane fiber. China's current production capacity is about 10000 tons. Spandex is a kind of synthetic fiber, which contains more than 85% polyurethane. A kind of

There are two kinds of spandex fiber, one is the mosaic copolymer of aromatic diisocyanase and polyester segment containing hydroxyl (polyester spandex for short), the other is the mosaic copolymer of aromatic diisocyanate and polyether segment containing hydroxyl (polyether spandex for short). Spandex fiber, elastic polyolefin fiber and elastic composite fiber are collectively referred to as elastic fiber.